Further the work of our volunteers!

You can sponsor a squad, provide a meal to a family, or simply make a donation of any amount to help make the life of a foster family a little easier.

Foster Families

Even superheroes have sidekicks! Foster care can be isolating.  You are busier than most families, and must deal with complex situations.  There are many people who want to help.  Lots of people would like to be foster parents, but can’t.  This is a perfect opportunity for those people to help in a way they can manage.  

We work with foster agencies who nominate families who will benefit the most from a support squad.  If you would like to be eligible for the program, let your agency know!  If we aren’t already working with them, we would be happy to partner with them in bringing this service to their clients.  If they have any questions, they can feel free to email us through the website, or call us at