Further the work of our volunteers!

You can sponsor a squad, provide a meal to a family, or simply make a donation of any amount to help make the life of a foster family a little easier.


We believe that all children in the child welfare system deserve a stable, competent, and emotionally available foster family. Not only is it difficult to recruit new families, but the dismal retention rates compound the problem.  Between 45-65% of foster families quit during the first year.  As a whole, 30-40% of current families choose not to continue fostering each year. Often, children who are coming from an extremely challenging home life demonstrate difficult and disruptive behaviors. This, coupled with situational limitations dictated by direct mandates associated with child welfare, create the conditions for a potentially unstable environment in foster households. These challenges ultimately cause additional disruptive moves for the child as they are placed with different foster family households. By matching foster families with volunteer support groups, we aim to take care of those taking care of foster youth.